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From the Chicago Sun-Times:

Bears went from ecstasy to agony in 11 seconds, got what they deserved.

October 13, 2008

BY MIKE MULLIGAN mmulligan@suntimes.com

ATLANTA -- Kyle Orton isn't given to uncontrollable shows of emotion, but there the Bears quarterback stood -- or rather there he jumped -- slapping at teammates and hugging coaches after skipping to the sideline following a legend-building 77-yard touchdown drive that gave the Bears their first lead Sunday at 20-19 with 11 seconds to play. A 17-yard strike to Rashied Davis in the corner of the end zone looked like the game-winner against a scrappy Atlanta Falcons team.

But faster than you can say, ''Kyle Orton is a franchise quarterback,'' the story line changed. Forget the Orton coming-of-age garbage. The headline suddenly reads: ''Matt Ryan is Rookie of the Year.''

Eleven seconds might not seem like much time, but for a team with a battered secondary, it proved an eternity.

''All the emotions of football, right there in 30 seconds,'' defensive end Alex Brown said.

Said Orton: ''You've got to play a full game. If you don't play a full game, you can't win on the road.''

And so it was that 11 lousy seconds, in which a battered team couldn't be aggressive and got caught on its heels, brought home to roost every bad call and failed stop and stunted drive. If Tommie Harris had only held on to the fumble he recovered, the Bears would have saved three points. If only they had blitzed Ryan once or twice instead of just retreating their linebackers from the line of scrimmage repeatedly. If only the play-calling was better on third-and-one from the goal line. Or on fourth-and-one for that matter.

It was one of those ''if only'' games instead of an inspiring comeback to victory.

The reality is the better team won. Atlanta outplayed the Bears for most of the game, and the late drive for glory was only there because Jason Elam, who had made 30 consecutive field goals, missed his fifth attempt of the game, hitting a line drive wide left from 33 yards.

Even before all the injuries on defense, the Bears never looked capable of stopping Ryan, or even attempting to do so. The Falcons converted four of nine third-down attempts in the first half alone. The Bears held NFL rushing leader Michael Turner to 54 yards on 25 carries, but they let Ryan have his way as he connected on 22 of 30 passes for 301 yards with a touchdown for a 116.1 passer rating.

Nonetheless, there was Orton as the seconds ticked off the clock, managing the best drive the Bears have seen since Brian Griese won at Philadelphia last year. The game was on the line, and he was calm and poised and making plays. First he tried to hit Marty Booker in the corner of the end zone, but the veteran couldn't make a spectacular one-handed catch for the second week in a row. So on third-and-10 from the 17 with the game on the line, he threw another strike to the same corner.

''We had the defensive back with his head turned and I saw Rashied's eyes, so I just tried to throw it as hard as I can and get it there before the guy turns around, [while he] has his head turned,'' Orton said. ''Rashied made a great catch on it. It was a great drive as an offense. Everybody stuck in there, and it was a good drive.''

It was almost enough.

''The only thing we can focus on is Minnesota,'' Orton said of next week's opponent at Soldier Field in a battle for control of the NFC North. ''We've got a division game coming up at home, and we have to win it.''


"Kyle Orton isn't given to uncontrollable shows of emotion, but there the Bears quarterback stood -- or rather there he jumped -- slapping at teammates and hugging coaches after skipping to the sideline...."

Just the mere thought...... :lol: :lol: :lol: ......now THAT's funny! :lol:

I'm surprised they didn't say "......with his skirt flapping in the breeze."....... :lol:


Have an AWESOME Season! - Hope to see you in January!


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Props to Chicago, you have a good team. Regardless of what happened yesterday you guys should have no problem taking the NFC North with ease.. Orton is a gamer, Hester is a gamer and my favorite rookie RB Matt Forte is a gamer. Props on the good game and good luck the rest of the season I'm positive that Chicago will bounce back and make the playoffs. We might not see you in January 09 but we WILL see you in January 10 or 11.. Good luck the rest of the season

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