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Well ? Now do you still want Dorsey ?

Bring It

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I was really disappointed when we did not pick up Dorsey. My mind-set was rebuild DEF and worry about QB later.

When we picked up Matt I did not like the decision however supported TD. I did not have a clue where they were going on the next pick as it just dumbfounded me. Thank goodness I dont make the decisions.

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To think there was a serious number of y'all out there who ACTUALLY wanted Dorsey over Ryan.


I have crow for breakfast lunch and dinner gladly,and I am estatic I was so wrong. However do ya have any posts pre draft stating you preference to Ryan? <_<

If you do congrats you were right.

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To think there was a serious number of y'all out there who ACTUALLY wanted Dorsey over Ryan.


Apparently you've missed the 3,762 posts saying "Glad I'm not the GM," or "Thank goodness TD didn't listen to me and took Ryan," or "That's why I'm not a scout."

I mean, honestly, "laughable?" To have pre-draft discussions about what player you like? Disagreements? I'm so pumped we got the Ice Man, but we have the benefit of hindsight. No QB, no matter how hyped by analysts, is a guarantee.

Man I hate "I told you so" threads.

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I told y'all that t.v.'s would be going digital......

Ok, so what. I wanted Dorsey too. I thought fix the D up the middle and get Brohm. I'm glad TD had conviction to do what he did. Good for the Falcons and the fans.

That's some funny ish right there dee..........you got me on that one..... :lol:

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I wanted Dorsey, and hated the pick of Ryan. Of course all of that has changed, but there was a small small small small group of people who wanted us to pick Ryan. I mean, really, almost no one.

But it is hard to not be a believer now.

Its funny how everyone claims they wanted ryan now...Im not one to talk since i never really could decide who i wanted..one day it was dorsey, the next it was Ryan..but i never said no to matt Ryan...I remember when i backed ryan and i posted a topic about how i would laugh my *** off when we drafted Ryan and the entire board was going to go nuts, I wanted Ryan after the tape Mayock broke down comparing him to Big Ben, but as we got closer to the draft, i let people convince me that Dorsey would be a better pick.

So i cant claim to be a dorsey or ryan fan cause i really flip flopped alot...But im glad we got Ryan, Dorsey would not have gotten us to a 4-2 record...Im sorry

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To think there was a serious number of y'all out there who ACTUALLY wanted Dorsey over Ryan.


Dorsey can still become an excellent NFL DT, if he can stay healthy, which was my #1 concern about him. I can also understand why some people wanted him. You win games in the trenches and you win with defense. So, if he pans out, it's a great pick to help build your team.

But the way I looked at it, we were rebuilding a franchise, not building on a foundation. We were laying the foundation. The keys to that are your GM, your HC, and your QB. We had laid 2/3rds of that foundation leading up to the draft & it seemed that the only possible move to make was the other third, and that was Ryan. I had him figured as a top 10 pick all last season, but wasn't sure if he should crack the top 5. Given that Baltimore was going to trade up to #4 if we passed on him or dropped down, we had to take him there.

So, I don't think it's laughable to have wanted Dorsey over Ryan, Dorsey in some respects it was the safer pick, but it just wasn't the pick we needed to make.

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I believe the idea was get Dorsey and either pick up Brohm or Flacco later. As much as I liked Dorsey I decided it was better to get a QB of the future. I watched every college game I could because I knew we were in need of a new QB and frankly I was not that impressed with any of them. That being said why would a team settle for the second or third best QB in a mediocre class? Look at all of the teams that do the QB carousel year in and year out there is no long term success in that.

The only people that deserve the pat on the back are the Falcons organization. See...they apparently do know more than people on a message board.

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Before the draft, we just got done paying a QB millions of dollars and had not addressed our biggest hole on defense. Wanting Dorsey (who was still drafted in the top 5) was not an unreasonable desire. Wanting Flacco/Brohm/Henne at #3 was ridiculous. Wanting a LBer at #3 was ridiculous. But you are off your rocker if you think wanting Dorsey at that time didn't make any sense.

For the record, I don't recall many posters (if any) against us taking Dorsey. I know there were some unhappy about the Ryan pick, or clamouring for Dorsey at the time of the draft. But it is widely known that our FO wanted Dorsey or Ryan. Sure, in hindsight you can say whatever. Before the draft, Dorsey made a lot of sense, we didn't have Grady Jackson and our DL couldn't stop the run last season.

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Its funny how everyone claims they wanted ryan now

It is crazy. There were much bigger fights on if we should take Chris Long if he falls, or if Vernon Gholston could be a DE/LB for us, some wanted us to just grab Ellis if Dorsey was gone. The most consistent thing was no one wanted Matt Ryan.

I think there was even a guy who made SN with "Matt Ryan", and could only take about a week of the harassment from this board.

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i used to be eric obraiden and i was a huge Ryan supporter. But the reason i didn't want Dorsey was less about his talent, but more about what type of DT he is and health issues. He's a one gap penetrator type that should do well in the colts scheme that Herm Edwards runs. In our defense we expect our DTs to take on doubleteams and let the LBs make plays.

In next years draft and FAgency i see us trying to get big tall DTs like Smith had in Baltimore and Jax. Right not the DTs are our achilles heel on run defense

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It is crazy. There were much bigger fights on if we should take Chris Long if he falls, or if Vernon Gholston could be a DE/LB for us, some wanted us to just grab Ellis if Dorsey was gone. The most consistent thing was no one wanted Matt Ryan.

I think there was even a guy who made SN with "Matt Ryan", and could only take about a week of the harassment from this board.

Not true:

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QUOTE (Eric Obraiden @ Apr 13 2008, 02:57 AM) *

Before anyone thinks i've lost my mind, this is my final mock draft--the one I think will happen. THe last one i posted was just a "what if" scenario if the Falcons chose McFadden (which I have no indication that they will). Smart money says that's too much money tied up in one position.

Also i'm not buying into us drafting an undersized DT w/ injury concerns and lack of passing rushing stats at the #3 overall, particularly when our new scheme has the DTs tie up blockers for the LBs to roam free. Why then, on god's green earth, would we pay $50Million plus for one gap penetrators? Guess what were not.

A couple of possibilities that i think could happen if the Dolphins don't draft Jake Long, is us grabbing him if the Rams don't, or us getting a last minute trade offer if teams think for some reason we are going to go strictly BPA and grab McFadden. IF we traded down say to the Jets, i still see Ryan being the pick.

I have indicated all changes in picks that i have made, and there is not a lot of deviation. The biggest changes are at the CB position. I drafted 2 phyiscal tackling type CBs from small schools, as we don't have a lot of depth there. So here is my final, we'll see how we all did soon enough:

Round 1: Matt Ryan--Franchise QB from BChttp://www.nflfans.com/x/2008/showplayer.php?key=Matt%20Ryan

-Don't care what the popular opinion is, this guy is legitimately the best QB in the draft

-Dorsey's injuries will scare the Falcons off from using the top 5 pick

-Blank will want a new "face" of the Falcons, post Vick era

-While it's cliche the kid is a leader, and if he ends up being "just" a Matt Hassleback--i can live with that for the next 10 years

Rd 2: Gosder Cherilus (#35):, OT Boston College 6'7, 320http://www.nflfans.com/x/2008/showplayer.p...sder%20Cherilus

-We need bookend OTs this year, so i'm using the draft to grab them, Gosder is clearly a RT--and possibly the best RT prospect in the draft.

--With the early second round pick acquired from the Raiders we have an excellent chance to nab him

--his stock has fallen due to his inability to fit into the BC zone scheme they implemented this year.

--Is a mauler and fits well into our power scheme.

--Can play OG as well, and has LT experience

--Rookie Starter

Round 2 Anthony Collins, OT Kansas 6'6" 310 lbs (NEW PICK had Ray Rice)


--Might end up being a steal.

--Played excellent in a pass first offense.

--has great foot work and size

--Rangy and needs work in the run block game, but at LT he's getting paid to protect the QB

--Could be rookie starter.

Round 2: Kendall Langford, DE/DT Hampton 6'6" 290 lbs


--When we speak about a Jacksonville type DT/De this guy size wise fits the bill.

--Plays either DE or DT

--Has the frame to bulk up and move inside permanently

--IMO will be a Paul Spicer type that can play DE on run downs and move inside for passing downs, due to his size speed ratio

--valuable "swing man" type that weve lacked in the DLINE rotation, since Travis Hall

--Could be "Boom or Bust" guy since he played at D2 level

Round 3: Marcus Howard OLB/DE, UGA 6'2" 245 (SAME PICK)


--Cant tell me Van Gorder doesn't know about this guy.

--Can play OLB, but also like Boley can on occasion put his hand down and play the Elephant end rusher

--Speed will aid in STs initially as well.

--Think Demarrio williams with better size. Not sure if he has the ball skills to play OLB full time, but as a situational pass rusher and STs demon he should contribute immediately.

Round 3 Antuan Molden CB Eastern Kentucky 6'1"195 lbshttp://www.nflfans.com/x/2008/showplayer.p...ntwaun%20Molden

--Nice size for cover 2 and can hit and run with anyone

Round 4 Jack Williams CB Kent State 5'9" 181 lbs (had Frank Okam)


-- Raw prospect

--Hard hitter despite size

--will get exposed in man coverage, as he is not a bump and run corner but could be very effective in a cover 2 zone as he's a good tackler with a knack for causing fumbles

--Has run as low as a 4.32 according to some sites, and 4.25 to others. Didn't do that at combine

--should be a very effective returner

Round 5: Johnny Dingle 6'3 270 lbs , WVU (SAME PICK)


" Tough bucket pail player who'll play STs or whatever is asked of him

" Played DT all but one year at WVU

" Will drop as scouts note him lacking "mental" capacity to digest NFL playbook and will be 24 years old--no behavioral or disciplinary issues, however

" Great rotational depth and ST help

" Lots of upside: say what you will but 48 tackles (19 for losses), nine sacks, two forced fumbles and a recovery in 13 games, speak volumes to me

Round 6 : Gary Barnridge TE/Wr louisville 6'5" 243


--we talked to him at the combine

--not a burner, but not terribly slow at 4.63

--might be more utilized as Brian Finneran type possession wr type as he has great body control and good hands

--Low risk pick in the sixth

Round 7 : Fernando Velasco OG/C, UGA 6'3" 318(same pick)

" At 6'3" 318 lbs Velasco is huge and can play either OG or C. Provides immediate depth to the rotation. He stout at the Point of attack and won t be bowled over by larger NFL defensive tackles. Could compete with last year s sixth round draft pick, Doug Datish and/or incumbent starter, Todd McClure for starting position or provide a very versatile backup. McClure, by the way, who is only 6 2 and 290 lbs most likely will be cut or traded to a team that runs a zone blocking offense. McClure is not a good fit in any offensive line that runs any scheme other than zone blocking.

" Velasco might end up being one of those good news stories

Round 7: Nate Garner OT/OG Arkansas 6'7" 334 lbs

--Ok last year under my old name MSalmon, I projected that we'd either sign or draft Kurt Quarterman, this is this years Quarterman.

--Bad forty times and struggle against speed rushers will both drop Garner's stock and force him inside to G

--Low risk/high reward type player at this late in the draft.

--Will spend year on PS getting stronger.

--Speaking of Quarterman, i wouldn't be suprised to see him compete for Forney's OG position

This is the one that im betting the farm will happen, if we pick Ryan. If we don't I'm reverting to 5.0 smile.gif Nah, this is what I think will happen.

dang i only got one right this year--one more than Draftnut *wink



Heres another

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