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I hate this Silly schedule!

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Am I the only fan that is just flat out annoyed how our schedule is arranged?

After the bye week we have two away games. Following the game in Oakland we have three consecutive home games.

Due to this silly schedule I will probably not be able to attend another game at the Dome this year because I have to head back North.

Besides for that, am I the only one who finds it weird that the NFL would not have put a road-home-road-home-home schedule rather than how it is currently layed out?

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I hate double posts. :ph34r: :P

Yea me too. I dont know why my computer keeps doing that! Argh. Maybe its something to do with internet. But I DIDN'T post and then start a new thread with the same one. I just think its a problem with my internet.

idk i bet its easier for the players...it gives them a break from having to be on a plane every week...but i understand how you could be annoyed

Yes very annoyed. I just got back and was able to catch the Chicago game which was exhilarating. Its a shame I wont be able to go to N.O. or Denver.

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