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We need more hardcore Falcons Fans


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While I think we are definitely on the right track to rebuilding this franchise as one that isn't full of fair weather fans, I felt kind of bad yesterday at the dome when I realized that one out of every five people in the dome yesterday was a bears fan. You have your casual fans who wear a hat and maybe a jersey, but then you have your people who go all out and wear a full costume. I got fully painted up yesterday donning all red and black, but I was quite surprised to see not one other person wearing full body paint (I had a shirt on). I saw a few other people with face paint, but aside a few other people, I didn't really see anyone who I looked at and thought "That's a true fan". I actually got stopped by quite a few people to tell them that they were glad I was supporting and to have pictures taken with me.

Why can't we be like places like Oakland and Green Bay where it's against the law if you're not engulfed in yellow and green or black and silver? We need to get this place a real environment, I thought we had quite a good show up yesterday, let's keep it up guys!

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