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anyone sat in the 300s eat the ham burgers?


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just wondering if anyone got sick? me and my 5yr old son had hamburgers and wife and other kid had hotdogs and us 2 where up allnight puking out both ends. well just wondering if it was the food there or where we stopped after the game. thanks

Wow, what a great image on this Monday morning.

Sorry to hear that. Hope you all get better.

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First, I hope both of you get feeling better quickly.

However, if it stays with you, go to the doctor, fast. I could be

salmonella. My fingers are crossed that it's NOT.

If it's coming out VERY forceful, then it's possibly salmonella,

and you DONT want that. However, if it IS, you want to get

medication quickly!

My fingers are crossed for 'ya and hope you get better soon.

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