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My Thoughts on the Wild Ride


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1. Matt Ryan, Matt Ryan, Matt Ryan. Wow he looked amazing. I truly cannot wait to see how he is playing by the season's end. How he has grown in his pocket awareness(when he would just throw it away because of his internal clock in Tampa) and reading coverage is pure awesomeness. Just plain smart and knows what he has to do with the football.

2. Norwood! He has a tendency to try and make a move on the last guy(for fun?). But it looked like he may have gotten the TD is he just stayed straight. Maybe not, but it hurt when that big return didn't get us any points.

3. Props to the o-line again. No sacks. And finally against a top defense.

4. Jamaal Anderson finally got the big one and made a few other key plays. However I think too many people are getting caught up in the hype from the game and thinking Anderson will now be fine. For me we still need a DE unless Jamaal can do something else this season because it took 22 games to have a good one.

5. Roddy White thank goodness you made it for the game. Amazing catches all day.

6. Harry Douglas finally shows some great skill. Before now he hasn't done anything to contribute other than that reverse for a loss of yards that has only ever worked once. C'mon Mularky throw that play out already.

7. Michael Jenkins. I am one of the few that likes Jenkins and thinks we need to keep him. He isn't making spectacular catches like White but Jenkins does now fight for the ball and makes key plays.

8. I didn't hear much of Lawyer's name for once. I guess other teammates were getting the tackles.

9. Grimes continutes to get picked on by his size. Houston did give up one TD but it was more of an amazing catch than Houston not playing it well enough.

10. That goal line stand was great for the fans and the team's confidence. I wonder what it was like when Grady dove on top of the pile.

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