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Let's not get to carried away!

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What a great game Sunday. I haven't gone from that level of excited to depressed to excited in a long time!!!

I was watching the game on the internet (when it worked) and looking at the message board at the same time. I just have a couple of comments and wanted to know how everyone else felt.

First, I was a little dissappointed at some of the fans on the message board during the game. Well, the final 5 minutes of the game at least. People were ready to crucify Mularkey, Elam, Grimes, the offensive line, Houston and Coleman to name a few. Guys, I understand that we want to go undefeated the rest of the way, but lets keep the big picture in perspective. Look at where we were last year and look where we are today. So much has changed for the better. I would just think that with all that we have been through as fans we would be a little more supportive when a player makes a mistake on the field. It is going to happen again and next time we might lose the game. We just need to be supportive.

Second, I think that we can all agree that we have some big holes on defense. At the beginning of the year I though 7 - 9 wins was possible. Still do, but a good passing team is going to beat us. We need three or four more players before we should even think about playoffs (although I would love to see us sneak in this year). If we don't win more than 7 games, okay. Seven wins for a team that went through what we went through is a huge accomplishment. With the front office and ownership that we have we will be a force next year (win division and playoffs).

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