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tough game coming next


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I think we just showed teams who think we are a run-only team that we CAN and we WILL be able to beat them with our QB's arm just as easily as with Turner and Norwoods legs.

I also think without Westbrook, or with an unhealthy Westbrook this game is better stacked in our favor than the GreenBay game.

We also have two weeks to scheme and prepare AND REST which is an added bonus going into this game, not to mention the SUPERGREAT win we got yesterday that will be fresh in our teams mind.

One more point id like to make, Our coaches will definently be working on our redzone offense. Obviously we dont have much trouble getting there,our problems lie in getting 7 instead of 3. I think with these next two weeks that and our CB play will be addressed and tweaked.

I am actually going to call this now. I think the Falcons win a close game.

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i think i heard that ryan is the only qb to not be sacked on a blitz this year.

they'll be tough but our team will be even healthier then they were the last 2 weeks.

I agree, it's the run blitzing that could be scary. Plus, their defensive scheme is amazing. I think we can pull out a "w" and maybe even a better, more sound game, than we had against the bears (you know, we will find the end zone more). Philly is over-rated, but just a little.

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i think it will be a very tough game. i honestly don't think we can win it. but we have the bye week to get ready for them so lets see if mike smith can do a good job of getting them ready and try to pull out another surprise win

"Another"? I havnt been suprised in any of the Falcons wins this season. My biggest suprise so far was watching Jason Elam miss a 33 yeard chip shot.

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