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Bandwagon watch at work


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Friday at noon, my company had a tailgate party in our courtyard. Everyone was invited to wear their team's jersey to the cookout. Most people came in some team's clothing but only 2 of us had on Falcon's gear and the other person in Falcon's clothing is a Falcon's cheerleader!

I was surprised that the team didn't have at least one other supporter out of the 40-50 people there.

After Sunday's game, I will be curious to see the fans jump aboard. I welcome the late comers but the lack of any other fans in Falcon's clothing just shows how badly the team's fan base was hurt by the garbage from last season.

They are better than I expected and I am loving every minute.

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Well be patient, and don't be disappointed if they are slower than you would expect to come around. In our SB season in 98, the city didn't really get behind the team until there were only a few games left in the season. This is just not a good city for pro sports period, and even less so for our Falcons.

I can still remember the shock in baseball when the Braves could not sell out some of their games during the playoffs in the later years of their long run as division champions.

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