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I cant beleive it!

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Havent been on the forum since friday so I havent been about to say HOLY ****, wat a friggin game. When CHI scored that TD alot of things ran through my head. It Grimes fault for lining up offsides..Elam should have hit that field goal.... Roddy's touchdown should not have gotten taken away.. but it all doesnt matter because Matt Ryan is NASTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! This kid is going ot be someone special. 300yrd game, no INT"S. Lets enjoy this moment Falcons fans!!!!

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I havent had a chance to be on the forums since friday either so i am starting from the bottom and working up on all these topics... i was SOOOOO PYCHED!! Like I wont say it was the BEST game ever, bc the 98' game against the Vikings and the last second field goal to get us into the SUper Bowl was pretty incredible.. But this game is easily #2 in my book.

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