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1st Half - 2nd Half Defense


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Has anyone noticed that our defense is awesome in the 1st half but when the 2nd half comes around that is when our team usually gives up all of it's passing yards? I know someone can do the research and if I had more time I would do it. But could someone figure out what are points, rushing and passing yards given up in the 1st half are compared to the 2nd half?

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I don't have all the numbers but against the Bears we gave up 89yds in the 1st half and 253 in the 2nd half...The Bears are a good team and made adjustments. As you probably noticed their defense shut down our run up the middle in the 3rd and we probably tried that too many times.

Biggest play of the game was the goal line defense-IMHO. There were many impressive plays by our Falcons but if they made those 18 inches we would have an "L" regardless of everything else that happend.

Teams with big play potential are most dangerous when their backs are against the wall, thats why they dominated time of possession in the 4th qtr with 166 yds. Thanks to Matt, MJ, the OL and JE for demonstrating that we too can respond.

Outstanding game Falcons! :)

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