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Remember this clown?


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Yeah I just left him this comment...

Hey Loser,

Maybe you should do your bears a favor and start rooting for the other team!

How does it feel to know your bears are officially the NFC South's B*$ch LMAO...

And by the way, maybe you should have saved your mom instead because she could've done better than Forte...

Dweeb LMAO...

Go Falcons!

And ummm ive never seen someone go from hating the falcons to loving the falcons one day. We'll see if you are still on the bandwagon in a few weeks.

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I left him a couple of comments before the game, and he responded within 15 minutes....I've left a couple after the game and no response.....Do you think his computer is broke? Perhaps the internet is down in Chicago....hmm... I did ask him if he could make another one of his classy videos for the falcons eagle game....That would be great....Guy is a total coward....GREAT WIN GO FALCONS

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Well don't flame me but I thought he was funny as he**. But of course he does deserve a beatdown, so I am glad you guys gave him one.

I just can't help myself: I still like Bear fans for the most part. But WOW losing three games to the NFC South when you are division champs really says something for our division - eh?

I don't have nothing against all Bears fans. Just this *sshole that went out of his way to make a video insulting my team.

And the ones who were patting me on my back yesterday (before our GW kick) screaming about how the Bears rule.

Man, yesterday was friggin' SWEET! :lol:

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No doubt, he's gotta be feeling pretty bad today "Monday" after the game. GOOD! He deserves to be feeling that way! Ya know he's not a bears FAN to have done all that smack talk and SAY REALLY HARDLY NOTHING about DA Bears, Just our FALCONS, He's somebody that said all that crap about our FALCONS and has shown "HE DOESN'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE FALCONS AT ALL". Our Falcons victory proved him wrong on everything he had to say, along with our FALCONS HISTORY.

What a LOSER is the only thing that comes to mind right now. I can't post the other stuff, but I am sure you can take a good guess as to what those might be.

I think for him DA Bears became DA Beers and a day outa work this Monday for him to recover from the loss.....

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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