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As contract year approaches, White and Jenkins elevates game...


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Roddy White has had good games in the past, but mainly it has been in the first half of games. However, the game versus the Bears was different. Roddy was more assertive and aggressive in the second half. Maybe with Pro Bowlers Charles Tillman injured and Nathan Vasher, both Pro Bowlers were absent gave Roddy more confidence. Whatever the reason was, Roddy stepped up and made positive plays and caught passes in a contested game down the stretch that counts.

White has been called a bust by me and has said he has underperformed--personified by his disappearing acts in the latter parts of games and untimely drops. He has always had ability and shown flashes of his ability going back to his rookie season when he had a big half versus the Denver Bronocs when YKW was QB. However, it seems in the face of a pending contract year, Roddy knows he has to do more than just tease. He has to be a 'gamechanger'. And the same thing for 5th year WR Michael Jenkins. Jenkins has been less explosive, less impressive that Roddy and is on the verge of being pushed out of Atlanta in 2009. However, he came up big with a big catch. Ryan made a great throw, but YKW made similar throws and Jenkins just flat out drop it. However, dropping a Ryan pass draws more criticism and scorn, so Jenkins is in a make or break situation as well.

Better late than never, it will interesting to see how Jenkins and Roddy responds as the second half of the 2008 progresses.

I think they will be playing as if their NFL football lives depend on it.

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