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amazing statistic....

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these are the only QB's that have started the season for their teams and have been sacked less than Matt Ryan

Jay Cutler: 2 Sacks

Eli Manning: 5 Sacks

Brian Griese: 5 Sacks

Drew Brees: 6 Sacks

Matt Ryan: 7 Sacks (Tony Romo: 7 Sacks)

This was amazing to me being how little people credit our O-Line. We have one of the best O-Lines in the leage, not to mention one of the youngest. This is a true testament to our O-Line

Through six weeks we have only gave up 7 sacks. We are on pase to give up less than 20 sacks this season give or take 18. That is amazing compared to last year where we gave up 47 sacks, 32 of them coming in the first 12 weeks. This feature blows my mind. Just wanted to share a little knowledge.

Go Falcons.

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The Atlanta Falcons: Welcome to **** on earth Matt Ryan. Ever wonder why Joey Harrington's career never got a fair shake? Everywhere he went, he had no time to throw. And Matt Ryan, you are about to find out exactly how it feels. Right tackle Todd Weiner underwent major knee surgery and will likely not play. First-rounder, Sam Baker will start at left tackle, but unless he can block five guys simultaneously, stick a fork in this offense. Center Todd McClure and right guard Kynan Forney are veterans, but the rest of the line is totally up in the air and very inexperienced.

2007 Sacks Allowed: 47

2007 Yards Per Carry: 3.9

Remember when this d-bag said we had the 4th worst?!?!


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Matt Ryan is doing a fantastic job of avoiding the pressure, just look at how the Patriots line has now come under scrutiny now that Matt Cassel is being flushed out of the pocket whereas last year they were apparently the best in the business. The QB can go a long way in making the OL look good

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Remember how people would talk about Sam Baker. I was pumped about him until i heard so much talk about arm length, it kinda made me second guess. They were sayin that the player he compares to the most is the LT for the patriots i think its matt light and they were saying how much of a special player he is and that we would be lucky if Sam Baker was even half the player he is, well guess what..I just voted Sam Baker to the pro bowl... how bout that ... jabroni @ss Nuckas!

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Seamill will have to back me up, but I was hoping and praying for Sam Baker in the 2nd round.When the run of OL happened in the middle of the second round, I was disappointed until I saw we traded with Washington. I knew that's who we were going after.

Excellent move, and well worth it.

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When a QB can read the defense, understand what he is seeing as he's reading the defense, and know what he should do with the ball immediately after seeing what the defense is doing to him, it makes a huge difference in OL play.

We've gone so long without that, I believe that some people seem to have forgotten it.

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Greise hasn't played every game. Cutlers two sacks is just amazing -they throw it all the time. And 2 of the sacks on Ryan are busted running plays that he got tackled for loss.

Sacks per pass attempt:

Cutler- 1 in 124

Brees 1 in 37

Romo 1 in 28

Manning 1 in 26

Griese 1 in 29

Ryan 1 in 23 or 1 in 32, without the 2 sacks-that is amazing for a rookie. No sacks the last two games, against two good Ds.

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I think it's a big credit to Ryan as well, he's been blitz more than any QB (I think) and hasn't been sacked by a blitz. He knows where he wants to go with the ball.

True Story:

The first time my wife had ever saw Ryan in action was against the Titans in preseason. Here is exactly what she said: "I tell you one thing, he don't hold on to the ball! He gets that ball out of his hands. Why couldn't they do that last year?" I smiled and thanked God for sending us a QB and responded, "Baby, I think we got us one! I think we are gonna be alright!" :lol:

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