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a few observations

Josh Affonso

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1. Ryan is the real deal. This kid can flat out lead a team. I know you all saw it, so I won't go into detail, but I think I agree with Lawyer Milloy when he said "any game we play with him under center, we have a chance to win".

2. There is something wrong with our defense. For some reason, they just can't play for 60 minutes...and we get picked apart through the air wayy too much, and I think that personell adjustments in order so that we can make some improvements.

3. Roddy, Douglas and Jenkins came to play today. I was very impressed with our passing game...and I think that Matt Ryan has more to do with it than meets the eye.

4. Grimes should not be our starter. I am sorry, because I like the guy but he just seems overmatched in the NFL, and he should be going up against the opponents best WR every week, because he is getting consistently burned out there.

5. I thought that the pressure was better today, and we actually had more guys bringing it besides just Abe. Jamaal and Biermann both got pressure several times, and now we need to finish the job more. On another note, it was nice to see us blitzing! I also thought that the D looked far better when we did blitz. Hopefully this is something that we will start to sprinkle in more and more.

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