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We have a cinderella story in the making, folks...

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We have a team who is supposedly "rebuilding" with a new head coach, new GM, new QB, new RB...Okay, you get the point. We have a lot of new faces joining us this year as we come off our surprising (to the experts) four and two start. We have been witnessing a few things we have not seen in quite a while now: score a TD on the first drive of the game, appear to be consistent (excluding some flukes in the running game that we should probably iron out as the season passes), witness a quarterback that has the respect of his teammates and appears poised in all situations, and a lot more. Its refreshing, isnt it? I must admit, I love flying under the radar and being underestimated because victory is that much sweeter. If you would've came up to me at the end of last season and said that we would start 4-2 going into our bye week.. I, honestly, would have probably thought you've been smoking something in your mothers basement for too long.. After seeing what our offense had to offer in the preseason and against Detroit, I quickly started believing anything was possible..Out of all the times Matt Ryan has been blitzed, he has not been sacked ONCE [while being blitzed], now that is an outstanding stat..Going into this season, our O-line was a BIG question mark but it has gelled quite flawlessly so far..

A kid that goes to my school messaged me via myspace and said "how about dem saints??" and I had the luxory of replying.. "Yeah, how about em?" - Its great that I can talk smack now without the past backfiring. Anyways, if you really think about it, the playoffs aren't out of the question - AT ALL at this point.

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