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Chicago message board wants protest


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Atl is the feel good story this year, all the love they were getting in the broadcast was making me sick. if the bears were in the redzone three times and got 3 fgs they would be all over us, but they were praising ATL? So many holding calls missed, giving Ryan so much time to throw, and penalties on us were suspect at best. The clock stuff. Say what you will, but the clock was cleary messed up. more than just a few milliseconds people are taking about, even if the time was kept by the refs. it was clearly 7 or8 seconds on that last play.

We played horrible and if the loss was because we didn't play well, I can handle that, but if it was clock problems and bad ref calls, ugh. I sound like a homer complaining about this. but its deflecting the anger.

I know this saying is old but here goes. Cry me a river then build a bridge and GET OVER IT! :lol:B)

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Who the (CBMB Modbot edit) cares? The Bears hardly earned that game. If our defense hadn't of rolled over in all but one or two drives we never would have been in that position to begin with. Besides, where's the satisfaction in a win won weeks later by a commission? We should have put this game away and we failed, and realistically, we don't deserve that win and Atlanta does. They played solid and we sucked. Regardless, it can't really help us since we can still win our division easy, even with this loss, and we'll still probably get a playoff shot. In fact, if anything, it'll give us a better draft selection next year, which it's looking clear we need.

There may be some whiners over there, but there are also guys like this one. If you look at our forums, there are a lot more homers than there are realistic folks as well. I guess that why they call it, "being a fan."

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