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Best Falcon's game since we beat Green Bay in the playoffs

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Man, what to say about that game that probably hasn't been said a thousands times already today? I just got home a couple of hours ago and seven hours after Elam's redemption, I'm still hyped up as h e l l. I'm not sure if the offensive line has gotten the proper amount of congratulations today, so let me pile on, they were pretty damned awesome in pass defense, still a bit of work to do to open holes against the better defensive lines, but my God their protection impressed me beyond belief. Jamaal Anderson had the game of his life, it looked like he and Abe swamped jerseys, the guy was everywhere. What can you say about Ryan? Who knew I'd be so happy to eat my Dorsey crow.

Also, great turn out and support by the fans, I was a little concerned about attendance this season, but aside from too many Bear's fans, the crowd was out of this world as well.

Again, congratulations to Jammal on his first sack......NOW, GET ANOTHER!! ;)

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Guest genn0226

It's certainly up there. I would put other games ahead of this one, but considering the circumstances I think today's game is the sweetest.

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This game wasn't even close in excitement as the Steelers game a couple of years back. Everyone stayed all the way through for that one. There was some SERIOUS **** talking in the Dome that day. The other game was our MNF opening game versus the Eagles in 05, that was the loudest and most fan fight filled game I'd ever been to in the dome.

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