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As I posted earlier, Cowgirls have beaten Browns, Eagles, Bengals, and Packers, how are they so much better than Falcons who have beaten Lions, Chiefs, Packers, and Bears.

Browns 1-3

Bengals 0-6

Packers 3-3

Eagles 3-3

Lions 0-5

Chiefs 1-4

Packers 3-3

Bears 3-3

So really if our wins are not that good, then the Cowgirls need to be discounted as well. Deon is such a Schmuck!

And they were talking about Rookies who started the season.

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I think they are talking about day 1 starters.......Big Ben got in because of a injury....Maddox got injured the 3rd game of the season

No. They were talking about rookies in their first 6 NFL starts. Matt Ryan was the only one with a winning record (4-2). A couple of guys were (3-3) and so on and so fourth.

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Deion dissed us though saying we played the lions chiefs pack and bears and its a different 4-2 from the skins and boys

His "Well, its a different KIND of four and two! Invalidates the rest of what he said.

THier opponents were 15 - 19, ours were 15 - 19 Big Whooping difference. We both lost to two 4 - 2 teams. Two of our wins were against three and threes, two of their wins were against three and threes. We also won against an 0 - 5 and a 1 - 4, they also won over a 1 - 3 and a 0 - 6.

Where exactly does this 'different kind of 4 - 2' come from?

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