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Matt Ryan the next Tom Brady, our offense is looking good


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so far hes made few rookie mistakes, but thats because he's a rookie...

hes a really smart guy, i dont think hes going to make the same mistakes again.

ive seen him make some impressive plays before but none like he did today. he was killin it espiecally in 3rd and longs.

i mean we got a future tom brady. in a year or two, i can see Ryan being a top 3 QB int he league.

a young O line thats been impressive so far. except for mcclure, theyre 27 or younger, so if this group stays intact for next year... itll only get better

roddy white is killin it. hes making the catches that great receivers catch and hes doing a great job getting open.

turner is a good power back and jerious is a good speedster that we will have for years to come

ovies one of the better full backs

all we need is someone to step up as a consistant number 2 WR(maybe Jenkins will step up? or maybe Laurent is our guy), we have good #3 WR options in Jenkins, Douglas, maybe finneran.

we need a TE that will pose a receiving threat. (btw i dont want to trade for tony gonzalez because hes old. hes a great TE but if ive learned anything from our last draft, its that coach smith and TD know what theyre doing in the draft. I would rather use the 2nd round pick for a player that we will have for a long time and will be cost efficient than trade for tony gonzalez to a expensive 3-4 year contract)

This is a really young offense... It'll get better every year, im really looking forward to the rest of the season to see how far we can get, maybe even playoffs, and ill definitley be looking forward to next year (not something i could say last year).

(i'm really curious to see what position our round pick will be. im guessing defense, but if its offense, man this offense can be realll scary)

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