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Am I the only one to think the bye week came too soon?

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i think it came at a pretty good time. roddy and laurent can get healthy and we have extra time to get ready for philly. not to mention turner has had like 50 carries over the last 2 games i think. he probably needs the rest. our team is sore, but not really banged up. this week could get us back to close to 100%.

we go @ philly then, @ OAK. we should win at least one of those games. then 5 of our next 8 are at home.

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I thought about this as well, but I figured it's not like there's anything Atlanta can do about it and the alternative would have meant going into the bye with a loss. Given the people running the show and the heart with which this team has played I have a hard time believing they'll lose focus next week.

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I know the usual explanations and they are all good and stuff.

But here's my take on this.

Yes we do have momentum but we get everyone healthy and ready for the Eagles.

The coaches will definitely take advantage of the bye week by doing the right precautions.

I have confidence in our coaches and their execution of effectively using time off.

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I think the timing is fine.

One I think its a good thing to go into the bye with a win. It just helps with everyones confidence.

Two we have a tough match up against eagles. They are a potent offense and a deceptive defense. It's beneficial to have extra time to prepare for a good team rather than a bad team.

The extra week will give foxworth more time to practice so he can contribute against a pass happy offense. It'll give time for Laurent to get healthy and prepare against eagle's talented secondary. Defeinitley give the O line to study all of eagle's blitzes.

I hate bye week just because i cant watch the falcons play, but whatever, lets get it over with

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Perfect time for it!

Coming off of these last 2 victories will give this team a LOT of hope over the week. They now know they can beat supposed good teams.

Plus, now some of our dinged up players can fully recover.

Typically you want it as late as you can get it (week 8) but I agree.After 2 big wins its nice to have quality time instead of your back to a wall.

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