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I just want to say


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There is something special happening.

I have been a fan forever. I have seen these games before. The Falcons struggle to score. They collapse in the 4th then maybe, if possible they get one last chance but never get close. I remember those games with Chris's Miller and Chandler. I remember those games with Jeff George, Billy Joe Tolliver, Steve Bartkowski, David Archer and Mike Vick, but never have I felt the confidence that I do in Matt Ryan. Is it too soon to call him great? Maybe not great on a league wide level but on a franchise level?

I watched the game with a roomful of Bears fans. They left when their team fell behind and reappeared for that last drive. I almost gave up with :11 left because that's not we Falcons fans do. On the surface it felt like a loss. It always does at this point. Every time we are here we hope for a miracle only to get an incomplete pass or an interception. But not this time. Unbelievable I said when the Bears scored. Then came the kick. What do we need 25 yards? Matty Ice. Perfect pass. Who else could have made it? Rather who else in our franchises history could have made it? We need to give it a name. When Elam lined up again. I said nothing.

There was no doubt in my mind that he was going to make it, but then again I am a Falcons fan. We never get this chance and we never get this kick. Luck has never been on our side, except shall I say in Minnesota in 1999. I never looked at the Bears fans around me or at the beautiful sunny day I was missing. I just looked at #1 and remembered that a 47 year old wasn't kicking it and an inexperienced punter wasn't kicking it, It had to be our day and when he cleared it I knew that it was.

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