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I'm gonna have fun with this one!


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Looking back at our woesome Vick era, I recall all the Vick nuthuggers claiming our league leading rush offense was all due to Vick. Well, here we are 6 games into our new QB's rookie season and once again, we are the league leaders in rushing offense. Only, now, we also have the true threat of a passing game to compliment it. For the first time in many years, the WRs are actually majorly involved in the offense. It is not just the TE and Rbs gettiing all the receptions. We have a QB who has QB ratings above 90 in 4 of his 6 games. Our old "QB" was lucky to have that many in an entire season.

And then there is the old winning percentage argument. Well, the rookie now has a better record thru 6 games than good ol' Vick did thru his 1st 6.

This team is gaining confidence every game and is fast becoming a true threat to any team out there. The defense seems to be playing harder each game. Teams can no longer just play our run game, as Chicago learned today. This rookie QB is going to be something truly special. He has shown a helluva lot of poise early and our WRs are actually playing, since they now believe they will get throws to them. Throws that are on target so that they can run after the catch.

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