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Why I love victories like today and football so much...


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I'm a STH and my favorite thing in the world is to go to Falcon's games on Sundays or watch them, I'll put anything aside to make sure I get to see...

Aside from the football side of it being there today at the game some beautiful moments were created and its times like these that show me there is still hope and wonderful lives to be lived.

Many of us on any other ordinary days concern themselves with status, money, race and other things but during our triumphant moments today I saw a brotherhood that let go of everything. During these moments we were all a big happy family, together for a common cause-- to support our team... All of us looked past everything and came together regardless of color, financial status, job, what car we drove to the game it didn't matter... To me that is an amazing thing, whether or not these things matter to you (to me they don't just something amazing I noticed) that during these moments we become one, and become a beautiful unified whole.

For that Falcons, I thank you for reuniting our fanbase and bringing the people of Atlanta closer together!

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