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The only time the Bears offense looked any good to me was the last TD drive to take the lead. Their defense kept them in the game by shutting down our running game and kept us kicking FGs in the end zone.

Well remember that failed reverse.

The second time that cost us big yards.

You can almost see Turner hesitating on keeping it.

If he had .... one safety to beat to the end zone.

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shoulda been more, but the refs killed roddys first TD, wasnt any lineman out for illegal receiver downfield. just a usual BS penalty of us.

That was a total BS penalty. It was on #77 I think and he was just barely even in the screen on the replay.

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Man oh man oh man do we HAVE A FOOTBALL TEAM IN ATLANTA !!!!!

The whole NFL is gonna be paying attention to our boys now. Matt Ryan lit up that Bears defense today, and our receivers just OWNED em.

They can forget about stacking the box to shut down our running game because we also have a KILLER passing game.

The defense did a great job as well, and special teams were incredible except that one long return. This was a TOTAL team win, and we can all hold our heads up with pride when we tell em...................


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