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Primetime Games?


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We will allow Panthers fans to come chat here today. We undestand that having one field goal to talk about gets boring fast and you want the pride you are feeling here to wash away those feelings of loss and loneliness. Come on in and have a seat. I would offer you a beer but I don't think you are old enough.

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The Falcons stadium was more than half empty when I saw part of the game.

What does the stadium have to do with anything? The Falcons have been around for over 40 years, the Dome was 73,000 strong when the Michael Vick days were rolling well. The only Panther fans are the ones in Carolina, and little kids who think that stupid kitty cat looks cute on your ugly jersies.

Oh, and the Panthers stadium was 80% empty vs the Cowboys last year, and of that 80%, 40% were Cowboy fans.

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