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Can anyone remember a more intense game? First, let me start off by asking this to all the Falcons fans who were at the game: Who left when Orton threw the go-ahead TD? A lot of people around me did. This is exactly why they have the sayings "It's not over until it's over." or "It's not over until the clock hits zero," and my personal favorite "Every second counts." I loved the feeling. The feeling I had when Chicago was driving on us, when we still had eleven seconds to do something, etc. This is why I love sports. The thrill it brings us. This is why I love going to see my teams play. My heart sank low to my chest as the Bears fans around me went crazy as they went up with just eleven seconds to play. I couldn't believe it. What a hard pill to swallow after such a great game. But I kept telling myself, "It's not over until it's over, and I'm never leaving a game early." When Ryan hit Jenkins with ONE second left, I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure the game would be over after such a throw, but no...I saw one second and that fire of intense feeling lit up again. We HAVE a chance. And what happens? One of the greatest endings to a football game I have ever witnessed. I went crazy. Crazier than I ever have when it comes to sports. Every Falcon fan around me went absolutely crazy. I was one with my bretheren as the stadium errupted into mass chaos and as the Bears fan walked out in complete disbelief. I saw good-bye to the hot Chicago chick that was sitting near me that I was talking to, said good-bye to the Bears fans who were dressed up as members of "The Tropics"(anyone else see them?), and my friend and I strolled around the stadium to celebrate with our fellow fans. I love it. I'll never forget this day. It was only my second time at a Falcons game(last one was our ugly loss to Cleveland in 2006), and I'll NEVER forget it. I plan to be back very soon.

Can words even describe what Matt Ryan is for us? Like they say, he has the "IT" factor. It's an enigma, but he has it and I love it. Watching him get better week after week is so much fun, because I really do see a HoF playing. Hey, I know it's WAY to early to be talking like that, but that's really what I see when I see him on that field. He isn't playing like a rookie. His posie and maturity for a rookie is just amazing. Ladies and gentlemen, he has "IT." And I love IT.

Speaking of maturing, does anyone else see our team growing together week in and week out? We have that will to win now- something that has been missing for a while. The players and coaching staff are finally together, and we are playing with the passion it takes to be great. Whether it's on the defense, offense, or special teams...this team is playing at a very high level. We aren't the most talented team in the NFL. But we're exceeding everyone's expectations. Know why? Because you can't account for variables such as the intensity and heart a team plays with, and that's what we play with...that's what makes a team great. It's who wants it more, and we want it more.

We can complain about certain things and players about our team all we want, but nothing hides the fact that we're for real and no matter when and where- we come to play football.

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