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Official thanks to Dimitroff

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Yep... you always hear about how lucky we are to land a coach in Mike Smith, a quarterback in Matt Ryan, etc. But I think the most important contract that Arthur Blank signed was that of Thomas Dimitroff's. Without him, I highly doubt this team would be as good as it is right now. People were calling our draft picks 'boring' because most of them were safe or no one has ever heard of them yet (I'll admit that I wasn't happy to hear that a wide receiver was drafted instead of a defensive tackle, but now I'm so happy with how Douglas has turned out for us). I'll also admit that I wasn't quite sure I was comfortable with Mike Smith as a coach for us. I never even heard of him before, but after I heard what the players were saying about him, I started to warm up to this general manager's ideas and plans. Look at the players we drafted: Matt Ryan (starter, face of the franchise), Sam Baker (starter, really coming along as a very good left tackle) Curtis Lofton (starter, prototypical linebacker for Smith's defense), Chevis Jackson (nickelback, major contributor to this Cover 2 defense), Harry Douglas (gadget player, occasional slot or number 2 receiver), etc. I can go on and on with how the other rookies like Decoud has some potential that we haven't really tapped into yet. Dimitroff is just an amazing general manager, and we really had one of the best drafts last year.

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