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I wrote about this during the summer

Today Charlie Casserly (CBS) said that he thinks/hearing that the 2009 draft will have the most talented jr class ever..... Charlie said that he has talked to some agents and they said that they are telling jrs that they should come out early before the new CBA....

The new CBA will not just change the top 10, The whole first round will get restructured so a guy thats rated as a late first round pick will make more money then a future mid first round pick....

This is what a agent said

"As the 10th pick [in 2007], Amobi Okoye got $12.5 million in bonuses and guarantees," Greengross said. "If next year [the 10th pick] still gets the two-year increase above him but there is the possibility that the year after that you'd get cut down to $5 million, you would think some of those juniors would look at that and say, 'It's to my economic advantage to declare early and take my chances. Because even if I go in the second round, I'm not losing that much -- next year will be cut down anyway.'"

I really want to see who will come out early

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