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This was a Glorious Day for Falcon Fans


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We have the Best Rookie Head Coach ever!

We have the Best Coaching Staff period!

Matt Ryan is God, or pretty darn close in my book! I feel sure he can walk on water.

Michael Turner, the best RB in the NFL kept the Bears playing honest so Matt could pass for 300 yards today/

Our tiny little warmed over and spiced up OLine kept the Mighty Bears off Matt Ryan all day!

Our defense played a great game, especially that goal line stand, amazing work guys!

Our receivers had a banner day all game long, especially that last sideline play, sheer perfection.

Jason Elam, you entered and exited the dog house with such grace!

Koenan and ST kept the Bears at bay.

JA98 got that first sack, then continued to knock down two passes as well as make several solo tackles and assists.

The Ghost of Michael Vick was vacuumed up today, if there was any hint of a reminder left anywhere in ATL it is gone forever now.

We have the best Rookie QB ever, Matt Ryan is simply an amazing athlete as well as an amazing person.

Hats off to Matty Ice.

Sir, you are such an impressive passing machine, I have no idea how you were born to read defenses like you do but don't you know that Rookies just can't do any of the things that you do every week?

If I am supposed to die anytime soon, Lord , please take me now, I am truly fullfilled today.

Thank you Lord for a Great Falcon Day!

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did you just wish you were dead?

just wait, not ill the ice man brings home the Lombardi

No, I don't wish to go yet, I still have season tickets.

But you always wonder how it would be to be completely fulfilled, I suppose at that time you would be ready to go.

Today, after all the he_ll and turmoil we have been through, I am so fulfilled by what this group of leftovers has become.

I think you undrstand where I am coming from, we have all waited forever for days like today!

I have watched this team since '66, today may be one of the most rewarding days, especially after the year we had in 2007.

It was sure good for me man!

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I've longed for a team that plays with character. The last two weeks this team has responded that changes in momentum by coming right back and answering.

-after the GB score following Matt's silly int last week.

-after Chicago made it a two point game and changed momentum...we answer with a TD. Nice catch Harry Douglas to set that up btw.

-after Elam kicked the field turf instead of the football, he had enought confidence minutes later to expect to win the game.

-after a devestating TD with 11 seconds left, we answer with perhaps the best catch of Jenkins career. If you are Ryan how do you have the confidence to go there? I guess he knew he made the right read and that he could put the ball in the thimble.

These are the things we pay coaches for. I didn't know a bunch about Smith, but its obvious he expects this team to play with character...and they live up to the challenge.

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