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WOW! My fantasy team kicked butt!

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I had Thomas Jones with 3 TD's, Clinton Portis with 2. Andre Johnson and Bernard Berrian with big games. I'm winning big. I will probably win the high score for the week ($10), blowout of the week ($5) and high score for a WR (week 6 bonus in our league) with Andre Johnson ($5). Check out the pic of my match-up. My team is "The Topless Torpedoes".

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lucky bastar.d. i went up against berrian and andre johnson today in a league i;'m 5-0 in. not looking good at all 4 me

People were bashing me for spending $62 of my $200 on Clinton Portis.

He is the #1 scoring RB in my league. Steven Jackson went for $65, LaDainian Tomlinson went for $81, Joseph Addai went for $67. Looks like Portis for $62 was a very smart move.

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how much do u get if u win?

12 Teaml league with an $85 entry fee.

1st = $300

2nd = $150

3rd = $55

4th = $30

Win the division = $50

High Score for season = $25

Weeks 1-13 high score = $10 per week

Whup A$$ award per week (biggest blowout) = $5 per week

Weekly Bonus (High score for QB, RB, WR - rotates weekly) = $5 per week

Any money left over after the payouts goes to the trophy.

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