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Major Props to the OL - No Sacks

Wild Bill

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an outstanding job for the most part today, but ryan also has to be attributed with the lack of sacks. the man is absolutely smart, and has OUTSTANDING pocket presence.

what the heck was the line doing in the rushing game though...it was pretty ugly. Overall a very solid performance by the line. We're building something special here.

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I must give it up to them... who knew that we could be this good.... As long as we are admitting things today (i've seen posters say I was wrong about Roddy, Ryan, or Jaamal etc.)

I was dead wrong about Mcclure.... Clearly Forney and the scrubs including the guy I supported since he was from Tulsa Shaffer were the main problems over the past few years, that and the fact that Vick couldn't pass.

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The thing is, it isn't just the OL. It's the way Ryan plays. He doesn't hold the ball and if the play isn't there, he throws it away. Yes, the OL is playing VERY well but Ryan is also helping them.

Exactly! No sacks are a result from a good line, quality RB play (blitz pick-ups), and a QB that recognizes the blitz and can make a team pay for it. Far too often this is not mentioned. We have not had this kind of combination in years.

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