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the best birthday ever

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Today was not a day about me turning 23 or my girl taking me out and I even forgot about the car me brother bought me all because of three very special things happened today in falcon- land

1 matty ice is unconscious--- he flat out made the bears look like some team he played in college. I really felt an weird reminecence of the game against VT .this is in my top 3 falcons games all time

2 My boy JA98 got a sack. He was flying to the ball making TFL and using his 6'6 frame to get in passing lanes and causing chaos so now I look for hi to be uch more relaxed and focused because today he showed that he can make an impact. He single handedly stopped the bears on 3 third downs... quite clutch

3. We beat the bears. My girl is from chicago an a big big big time bears fan and was all in my face when they came back in the end. I was on the edge of losing my cool when MATTY ICE made the throw and decision of the game and Jenkins miraculously Jenkins caught the ball and even more insane he got shoved out of bounds to stop the clock.

This was the most memorable of birthdays and im glad we have not seen the cellar of the nfl at all this year GO FALCONS!!!!!

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