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We lead the NFL in 1st qtr points

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Going to be VERY important. I think we almost get too comfortable in the 2nd half and don't push nearly as hard as we do in the first. So, lets hope that's something we can work on, it's going to take 4 quarters and some patience this week.

I agree we strike fast but kinda daze off. I thought that Detroit game was gonna be at least 45 or 50 points.

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Somebody just posted an article where it said the Bears are also way up there in first quarter points. I can't remember exactly, but I believe it was in top 5. Wow these teams have so many similarities it is kinda creepy.

This should be a very good and close game. I think the winner will be decided by a FG myself. But who knows :P

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We start out fast on offense and defense. Against KC we started out stopping them on 6 straight drives. And than we play prevent for the rest of the day allowing them to pick up tons of yards and scores. It seems as though we attack for one quarter, and than get overly conservative for the rest of the game.

One thing to note, we do always seem to come out pretty strong after halftime adjustments. But we roll over and play prevent all over again after the first couple of drives.

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