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Michael Jenkins

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Personally I think the best route for him to be running is any route as the third or fourth receiver, run blocking is not enough to keep a guy starting that can't average more than two catches a game.

I agree. I would really like to see Harry Douglas step it up.

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But there is a reason Jenkins stuggles with the fade and go routes. It's because he likes to catch the ball with his body and he can't do that on fade and go routes. That is why he is better at slants and crossing patterns because it allows him to use his body. Robinson on the other hand catches the ball with his hands with is what you have to do to be able to be good on fade and go routes.

exactly. It's happened plenty in his career. He would beat a CB badly on a go route and Vick would hit him with a perfect pass that drops right in between his hands. Everytime it either goes right through them or he'd slow down and misjudge the ball and it bounces of his fingertips.Once in 05 against Philly when he got behind Sheldon Brown and Dawkins I think,Vick's pass dropped right into his chest and he caught that. week 1 this year or Ryans 1st pass,that hit him in the chest,and he almost dropped that one,it bounced back off his chest but he held on. The guy should not be starting. He had hands of glue his 1st year with limited opportunties. He's gotten worse every year.

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