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Go Vikings

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God, I hope they have instituted some way to prevent new people from making new threads. 500 post minimum maybe?

I see the trolls have ruined it for the rest of us...

That's not fair, although I understand where you are coming from. Since being on this board, I have seen some absolutely stupid rhetoric, but hey everyone is entitled to their opinions, so I just choose to ignore them.

My very first post was me introducing myself and saying how proud and excited I was about this young team. And though I disagree with people from time to time, I don't think ive ever posted anything to label me a "troll".

So I would hope that they would make some provisions before implementing such a rule.

im having the same problem...says theres a error and only shows like 1/5th of the new thread page...Im using Internet Explorer...but when i use Firefox or Chrome it works fine...

I thought it was just me! Inotified one of the admin's. Hope they fix it soon. I have a question that I need our loyal fanbase to help me answer....

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Guest Gritz
Why do you guys care about this game?

No way the Saints or Falcons catch the Panthers.

The Panties suck...........

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