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I'm holding my judgment on turner

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Sorry but 56 yards rushing against any team is freaking HORRIBLE....

Carolina held AP, LT and Matt Forte all to under 100 yards rushing. See the difference between playing 2 disciplined teams with a great d line and linebackers that execute well (Carolina and Tampa Bay) and defenses that don't execute well with mediocre d lines and linebackers (Detroit and Chiefs).

I kept say how Mike wasn't going to run on the Panthers all last week and that we didn't match up with them well but it fell on deaf ears and blind eyes.

Mike is a good RB but he isn't going to do much if our o line is over matched by the opposing d-line and linebackers. AND until we develop a feared passing game teams will continue to load the box and stop Turner. It will get much worse before it gets better.

Expectations should be tempered this year.

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Baker was in for the 1st half against Tampa.....Guess Baker really isn't quite the difference maker yet.

Not true. I think Turner only had 7 carries in the 1st half of that game. We dug ourselves a hole, with 2 Int's that resulted in 14 points for TB. Our game plan went out the window and we abandon the run. Then Baker went out before the half.

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