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When we beat the Green bay packers

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This is gonna be the best defense we have played yet, and a pretty darn good offense, depending on how Rodgers does. A win is very unlikely.

Not against the run - they are ranked 26th in the league in Rush defense giving up 157.8 yards a game - passing yes they have 8 INTs & 9 Sacks - but they can be beat deep - they have given up 14 pass plays of 20 yards or more - we have only given up 10.

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their defense has some injuries so i can see us doing well on offense. defense however is a different story. im thinking Grimes is going to be manhandled again. GB receivers are big

If memory serves me right, Detroit's WRs were not exactly vertically challenged in any way either but I can see them throwing on Grimes again. Maybe he needs to try to find some 'Elevator Cleats'...

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