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Can someone give me an idea of his offensive strategy? I haven't really paid any attention to his past schemes and so far he has my curiosity peaked. What have his teams done in the past?

My views:

What I've seen I have had a pretty positive regard for so far. Some gadget plays. I also see that he is using a lot of plays to help get Ryan adjusted to the pro level and help get rid of some of the jitters. I flip flop on him so far.

Just out of curiosity: What do you see the offense looking like in 2 years with Ryan? (and hopefully an improved OL)

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It's an offense where the QB isn't required to do everything. The running game is very important, and his offenses tend to commit to the run early and stick with it. He tries to set up the pass by establishing the run. When the run isn't working, the QB needs to be able to get the ball to his men in coverage, and when the run is working, he has more opportunity to make plays downfield. Mularkey isn't afraid to run funny plays, and even in the Super Bowl he used a couple with the Steelers a few years ago. He's pretty good, I'm glad we have him here. Turner and Norwood are great weapons for him, and if we can get a more consistent push from the OL this offense will be set.

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