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Nebraska VaTech Game


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i give VaTech respect becuase they have great fans but im sorry this is a win for NU i know its in next week but still....heres my prediction



Nebraska's offense looks great as they can get the running game and the passing game going. Nebraska's defense shows once again with the right coaching why they are called the BlackShirts.(the D also gets their blackshirts back...if uve never heard of the blackshirts before please ask its just for your sake) they pick off 2 balls and only surrender 14 points. VT struggles on offense becuase they cant find a groove in the passing game and with blitzes from Pelini from all sides of the field contains Taylor, and Mr. Inconsistant Glennon fails to comeback once again...

some main stats

Joe Ganz- 230 passing yards 2 Tds

Marlon Lucky 85 rushing yards 1 TD

Roy Helu 50 rushing yards

Nate Swift 90 rec yards 1 TD

Todd Peterson 50 rec yards

Niles Paul 40 rec yards

now for the Hokies...

Taylor-120 passing yards 2INTs

Taylor 60 rush yards 1TD

well there you have it :D

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Hokies win 17-14 on a last minute FG. Tyrod runs all over Nebraska and gets the deep ball going, FINALLY!! Also, we've been practicing more options plays this week at practice (I went to one so I know), back to the old VT running game. But, we have to beat UNC in chapel hill first. get back to me next week after I see how we do against the heels

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i know that LSU has a great D and i know Nebraska isnt at a talent lvl with them but what im saying is, just cuz we sucked on D last year doesnt mean we will suck this year...if u wanna know why our D was horrible last year was becuase cally never had hard hitting practises. they were usually helm and shorts or helm and shoulder pads...they never hit during those practises...now we are hitting almost every day and we are improving dramatically....

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