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We owe the Bucs a debt of gratitude


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Or maybe the driver/poster just thought it was funny as hell, and just put it on their bumper/in their sig 'cause it makes them laugh.

If you are offended by it, that's YOUR problem. ;)

Offended? :lol:

Perish the thought...

My opinion on the matter is exactly what I posted earlier...

If they wanted to laugh at it, they'd post it on their steering wheel. It's obvious some feel the need to "share" some statement they've found to be profound...

But carry on....makes me no nevermind...

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Now we don't. Sorry, but those dirty Hits at a Rookie Franchise QB were just way too much. Just imagine if Ryan would have a serious Injury now, and couldn't play anymore...we would be so totally screwed!

And all late Hits were almost exactly at the same Spot, like they literally wanted to break his Bones AT LEAST.

I'm not so sure, I think Redman would be superior to Ryan to be honest...but I don't think its too big of a dropoff to Ryan, and wont be one at all by the end of the season.

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I've seen ALOT of pro-Obama sigs that I think are in bad taste......the difference between you and I is that I recognize that using that garbage is their right, and have no business commenting on it. Some folks just can't help themselves.

Who cares if its pro-Obama or not? I know I don't. My vote isn't teetering over the suggestion of some bozo's signature block and I hope yours isn't either...

And for the record, there are at least 2 differences between us...

The first is that I recognize that I have EVERY right to comment as I see fit. If I violate the COC then it is up to the powers that be to take further action, but my comments are my own...

Secondly, I, generally speaking, don't believe this is the forum to display political suggestions of any nature. If you want to post suggestions like that, go to a political forum, not one for football. Nevermind that he's not even a Falcon fan...

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Good points HailRazor, SEAMILL, & gritsandsausage.

I was also very impressed with Ryan & the different levels of play between the 1st & 2nd halfs. He didn't just lay down & pout. Looked like he pulled his chinstrap a lil tighter & decided to play some ball.

Better learn your lessons early; a lil humble pie served up with the success of some Lions & Chiefs MIGHT not be a BAD thing. ;)

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