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Finneran on third down?

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Finneran needs to be on the field. I guarantee you if they let him play you will all of a sudden see a wide open WR. He is the only one on the team that really knows how to run a route. Check the tapes. Finneran is the slowest skill player on the field but look at the balls he's catching. Open and clean. And don't say it's because they're focused on somebody else. It was the same way when he was a starter.

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Finn is no burner for sure :lol: but he definitely is a possesion receiver. I would like to see Ryan have him in there on third downs at least. The Fox announcers were gushing over what a great third down receiver Hilliard is and that's when I realized I hadn't seen Finn much.

Didn't they say Hilliard is slow, has bad hands, but produces on 3rd down? I heard something like that and had to laugh. But, I agree, Finn has been Mr. 3rd down in the past, but we also have Douglas and Robinson that were preforming nicely on 3rd. The big issue seems to be no go to 1st down receiver.

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