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Most improved team - so far

Falcon Freddie

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By common consensus, the five worst teams in the NFL at the end of last season were (in 2008 draft order):

1. Miami Dolphins

2. St. Louis Rams

3. Atlanta Falcons

4. Oakland Raiders

5. Kansas City Chiefs

From what we've seen so far this 2008 regular season, which one of these five teams would you say are best positioned, in light of player personnel, coaching, organization, front office, and other attributes, to obtain respectability this and future seasons.

Yes, I am biased in this, but I honestly feel of the five teams named, the Falcons are the ones best able to crawl out of the pit of last season. The Raiders may have talent on their team, but not much else. The other three teams are presenting themselves as being as much messes this season as in 2007.

Save your season tickets, folks, for the Falcons shall rise again.

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I think out of those 5 - Miami and Atl will show the most. Or at least they will get back to respectability faster than the others.

The Raiders are pretty much screwed as long as Al Davis is the owner.

The Rams are just God awful. And a bit old.

The Chiefs don't have their QB if the future on their roster.

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so one TD away from coming back after a bad start vs one of the best D's in the NFL, is uncompetitive?

Did you not even watch Oakland last week?

We are BY FAR the best out of those 5, its not even close. And even as a Oakland or KC fan, they should admit the same thing. We BARELY lost vs a team that was in the playoffs last year, and they all lost vs crap.

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