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AFMB Week 3 Tally and King(s) of this week in Predictions is BillyWitchDoctor & Mr. Offseason with 18 correct picks.


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Week 3 Prediction Results (out of a possible 23 games):

BillyWitchDoctor 18-5

Mr. Offseason 18-5

atl_falcon_89 17-6

Robbyb03 17-6

Midwest Falcon 17-6

SacFalcFan 16-7

TheGoldenBoy 16-7

Beau J - 16-7

Shaud 16-7

Vicious - 15-8

Sheik K. Flava 16-6

QUE 15-8

HuskerFalcon 15-8

Demtrius Dew 14-8

stumpjumper 14-8

dan9124 14-9

Headshot 13-9

crumplin 13-8

Overall Tally:

SacFalcFan 48-14

Vicious 47-15

Shaud 44-18

Robbyb03 44-18

BillywitchDoctor 44-18

atl_falcon_89 42-20

Dan9124 41-21

TheGoldenBoy 40-22

Demetrius_Dew 37-23

Mr. Offseason 36-9

MidWest Falcon 35-10

Beau_J 34-11

stumpjumper 30-13

Sheik K Flava 16-6

HuskerFalcon 15-8

QUE 15-8

Headshot 13-9

Crumplin 13-8

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I suck at picking games like this :(

Hey Sac, you know what would be cool, is to come up with a points system like how the Fox NFL Pregame guys do it.

You get one point for correctly picking the winner of a game, and then 2 points for an upset pick. I guess it'd be kinda late to implement that system now though, unless you wanted to just have it start next week.

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