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FOX just said...


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The hit was like this...

Abe was on the ground and Kitna was winding up to throw it and Abe "frog jumped" and wraped around kitnas legs as he was throwing, Merimen's hit was he jumped over an opponent on the ground and then went low, Abe started low and ended low, Shawn started standing and ended low and yet had a lower fine.... Its only because its the QB, if it was a running back or a receiver then it would of been called a good tackle.

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Most likely the Lions called attention to the hit otherwise the NFL wouldn't know where to look to find it I don't believe.

I still have no idea how the NFL can fine guys for plays like this that weren't even flagged and in todays NFL when so much emphasis is put on always protecting the QB you would think that the officials would be all over this and if they didnt' see anything wrong with it I have no idea how almost a week later Abe can be fined.

As for the fine I think that it can certainly effect Abe negatively. It's not the money that matters so much but from here the fines get bigger and if the officials start focusing on Abe that can be a very bad thing. We know from the Mathias Kiwanuka/Vince Young play that if you second guess yourself and let up it can hurt you and your team badly. I am not saying that it will but I am saying that this can certainly change the mentality that you go at the QB with.

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