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Why the Falcons will surprise!


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This has been progressing from the ota's and training camp: The building of a fine O-line and Baker is the key. McClure is smart and a fine center and his job is made easier with a 645 lb @ss kicking unit to his left in Baker and Blalock and a 640 lb unit to his right with Dahl and Clabo. Unit is a great word to describe the way the o-line is evolving.

Coach Boudreau is proving his worth with Baker with having Abraham show no mercy to the rookie. If every day in practice Baker goes against Abe, he will get better and better. Baker will turn out to be the best LT in the draft!

So much for the "reach"! Realize, Dimitroff knows way more about evauating talent than we ever will!!!

P.S. This means you, too!

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Well Baker has been very impressive this season. Especially for a guy everyone said was a "reach" with short arms.

The shocker for me is Harvey Dahl. This guy just comes out of nowhere, and suddenly he is playing big with an "attitude."

Really got to hand it to Coach Boudreau overall for the way that unit is playing. I must admit I was one of the doubters who thought our line was going to stink this year.

Does that mean I have to give up my "armchair" title? :lol:

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Say that to Garcia (which happens to be your best QB) after one bad game, hes now on the trading block and buc fans want him gone.

They just signed Roger Staubach.

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