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We are next on NFC playbook


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and sounds like sterling is about to rip us. <_<

"the falcons could have a long day against the buc defense on sunday"

We could......this definitely isn't the Cry-ions (thanks for the new nickname Kitna!) defense.........but Sharpe has always ragged on the Birds so his analysis of us is always tainted.

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terrell davis is examining turner. he is saying the 220 performance isnt a fluke and turner is one of the best up and coming backs in the league.

One thing Blank has always been good at is closing the deal with free agent players....I thought Turner was a mortal lock to end up in Chicago.......Dinner with Arthur.......BAM!.....He's a Falcon.....

That's why I have to laugh when people say that Blank isn't any better of an owner than the Smiths were.....Please.

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