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Bush is a joke in fantasy football. Sure he gets yardage points for the catches, but give me a RB that gets yardage and TD's. I want the guy that gets the goal line touches.

Think again. While he never gets a ton of yardage in the run game, the amount of touches he gets every game is what makes him great fantasy-wise. Not to mention he is a threat in the return game. Take for example this past week. Against Denver he had a total of 29 touches (18 carries, 11 catches) for a total of 148 yards from scrimmage with two touchdowns and a fumble lost. That's a whopping 53.8 points in my Yahoo league. By comparison, Michael Turner had 23 carries for 104 yards and three touchdowns this past Sunday and scored 51.4 points, another excellent total. But while Turner had the better *rushing* game Sunday, Bush had the better *overall* game, fantasy-wise, which gives him the edge. Even looking at Turner's monster Week 1 performance, in that game he only managed to score 3.8 more points than Bush did this past weekend, and it would have been less than that if Bush didn't lose points for losing a fumble. In point-per reception leagues like the one I'm in, you simply can't overlook a RB's receiving numbers. I wish the guy holding Bush in my fantasy league felt the same way you do and would waive him so I could pick him up, or at least so that I wouldn't have to play against him this week..

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