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Falcons were featured on NFL Net


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On Thursday night there were 2 new weekly shows shown on NFLNET.

1st LIVEWIRE 9pm

Started with Matt Ryan's story and featured Coach Smith and PLENTY about the Falcons. They showed about 7 of the hottest game reviews happening in the NFL this week.

The Falcons, Turner, Ryan and the whole team got tons of exposure over the rest of the league. This show revoloved between about seven teams and their games opening day.

2nd was STARTING 11 -right after the LIVEWIRE Show

This showed the "11 most compelling stories in the NFL this week."

11 was The Favre Debut

10 was Plax Burris and Andre Johnson's receptions this week

9 was Drew Brees and Tony Romo's play this week

8 was Defensive Scoring this week

7 was Special Teams play thsi week

6 was The Aaron Rogers debut on MNF

5 was McNabb's 300 yard passing game

4 was Rookies, Started with MATT RYAN Featured again, long and good, ended with Flacco.

3rd was The Panties Lucky last second win over The Chargers

2nd was MICHAEL TURNER- titled "The Burner Breaks Out", long and great!

1st was Tom Brady going down

The Falcons got long and serious attention on these two shows.

I watched the 2 shows twice before posting this since it didn't appear to be posted else where.

Tonight, we were show cased.

Lots from the locker room and shots from the bench with Smitty congratulating Matt on his first TD pass, so much, it was great to see us get some Credibility finally.

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Interesting points made, the show opens and show s the Falcons in the tunnel about to come out, the narrator makes the comment while they show us that "In the past 5 years one team has moved from last place to first place", then they show Matt on draft day as he gets the call from Mr Blank, then the Play from Jenkins, then the conclusion of draft day and has a sound bite showing Matt and Roger Goodell , Matt says he is pumped, and tells Goodell that "this is crazy"! You can clearly see that from the moment he was drafted that Matt Ryan wanted to come here!

Then a long segment on Coach Smith, could they possibly be seeing that he is a genuine Coach of the Year for this turn around?

Smitty says that he loves his players, he tells them as much in one video clip inside the locker room.

All great stuff!

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