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While the Falcon ship sails smoothly,


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It should be an interesting game. The Bucs might be imploding but they are still a decent team.

That ain't fair... when we were imploding, we were TERRIBLE!! Why do they get to be still a decent team? They should be panicked that their veteran players are starting to get injured, call out the coaches' decisions; they're 0-1 and facing 0-2 in the division, Gruden is shuffling his harem of qb's to find an effective one, their Cadillac has been on blocks for two years... this all bodes for what we've all seen to us happen to them. I call it now... the Sucs will be the 4-12 team, and the Falcons will make the playoffs!

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:D Its our proud duty to hold up the NFC South tradition of flip flopping the First and Last place teams every year. ;)

I will wait to see how impressive we look in our win against the Sucs this weekend before I make any predictions as to exactly what degree we'll be slapping around the NFCS this year. If we completely dominate the Bucs, I'll go with win the division. If we only manage to beat them by a little, I'll wonder if we can pull out the full division win.

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